Enterprise Billing Solutions

The Enterprise today spends a tremendous amount of time, money and effort in support of their telecom billing. Globally, billions of dollars are being wasted away because of the inefficiencies of billing and the perception in the market that billing is too difficult and laborious to understand. End-users, Auditors, Consultants and Carriers alike are spending way too much effort on a subject. Enterprise Billing Solutions – Telecom finds relatively easy ways to maneuver and is simple in structure. As a critically important topic in the market, billing has been sidelined many times over by less important issues but that tends to be changing rapidly as we see changes happening all around the telecom industry.

This web site was created to introduce EBSTel to the telecom industry and provide a portal into the thought-leadership provided by its employees. Please enjoy visiting this site and provide feedback if you can. Thank you and I hope to be working with you in the future!

Steve Arocho
President, Enterprise Billing Solutions – Telecom


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